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Vale das buracas

In Furadouro, in the middle of Serra do Senhora do Círculo, a picturesque village of Casmilo is discovered.

One looks around and the whole landscape appears dominated by the sharp edges of the stone. It is the imposing Maciço de Sicó that shapes this scenario, as well as the way of life of the people. Here, side by side, stone and man, firmly resist the wear and time.

The scarcity of water on the surface and indented soils condition the most traditional human activities. Moroiços - loose stone walls linked to the task of unfolding the fields for rainfed agriculture that is practiced here - are characteristic features of the village. Small flocks of sheep and goats also travel these mountain paths daily, in search of the best pastures. Resulting from the dissolution of limestone, dolines and uvalas are depressions where water is deposited; therefore, they support agriculture and pastoralism, representing true “oases in the desert”.

On the way to the Valley of Buracas, and crossing the fields of lapiás, authentic “stone cemeteries”, the breathtaking breath holds for the most impressive scenario of all: the burmoles of Casmilo, popularly known as “the mouths of the mountain”.

Source: CM Condeixa