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Soares dos Reis National Museum

It is the oldest public art museum in the country.

From its origin and all through the 19th century, the Museum went on building its collection of paintings and sculptures. In the 1930s it was enriched with a deposit from the Oporto Municipal Museum and with Decorative Arts exhibits. As far as plastic arts are concerned, emphasis should be placed on paintings and sculptures from the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. In the Decorative Arts field, the highlight goes to ceramics, particularly Portuguese faience and oriental porcelain, gold and silverware, jewellery and glass and furniture from the 16th to the 19th century.

The Soares dos Reis National Museum, former Museu Portuense, came into being in 1833 when King D. Pedro IV decided to open a Museum of Paintings and Prints in Oporto. Following the Republican reforms of 1911, it changed its name to Soares dos Reis Museum and in 1932 it was raised to the rank of National Museum. Having initially been located in the Convent of Santo António da Cidade, it was transferred to the Palace of Carrancas, a late 18th-century bourgeois building, in 1940 and eventually became a Royal Palace. It recently went through a major renovation and extension according to the design of architect Fernando Távora. The museum reopened its doors in July 2001.


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