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Pilgrimage of Nª Srª da Agonia

It is a hug from the Vianenses to all who visit them in August.

If it is true that it is in May, with the Festival of Roses or Flower Baskets of Vila Franca do Lima, that the cycle of the Vianenses Festival begins, it is undoubtedly in August, in the incomparable and magnificent Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora d'Agonia, that tradition reaches its greatest exponent.

The procession to the sea and the streets of Ribeira, adorned with flowered carpets, are testimonies of deep religious devotion. Ethnography has its space in the parades of the Ethnographic Parade and in the Costume Party, where you can admire the beautiful bridal, mordoma and lavradeira costumes, dressed by beautiful Minho women who boast breasts full of authentic gold works of art. The party continues ... the concertinas and the drums play, the farmers dance ...

The grand firework serenade illuminates the whole city, starting with the Gustave Eiffel bridge, passing through the Santiago da Barra Castle, until the Temple - Santa Luzia Monument ...

The Pilgrimage d'Agonia joins the history of the Church of Agonia. The church's history in honor of the patron saint of fishermen dates back to 1674. At the time, a chapel was built in invocation to Bom Jesus do Santo Sepulcro do Calvário and, a little above, a chapel devoted to Nossa Senhora da Conceição.
Today, the name of the saint is associated with the queen of pilgrimages and the multiple traditions of the biggest popular festival in Portugal: the pilgrimage in honor of Nossa Senhora da Agonia, born in 1772 from the devotion of seafarers from Galicia and the entire coast Portuguese for religious and pagan celebrations, which are still repeated today in the week of August 20, a municipal holiday.

In 2013, the Pilgrimage d'Agonia received the Declaration of Interest for Tourism.

VIANAfestas, an association that promotes the city's festivals, integrates the City Council, the Regional Tourism Commission, the Business Association and the Association of Folkloric Groups, organizes the Senhora d'Agonia Pilgrimage, and also the Alto Minho International Folklore Festival, and many other events integrated into the city's cultural and tourist entertainment program.


Source: CM Viana do Castelo