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Natur Waterpark

The Naturwaterpark, Douro Amusement Park, opened its doors in the summer of 2011.

Is situated in Quinta do Barroco, Póvoa / Andrães, at the gates of the city of Vila Real. It is the first fully ecological park in the country and includes Camping, Water Park for adults and children, Tennis Court, Playground, Adventure Park, Restaurant, Bar, Games Room, Minimarket and Laundry.

The Aquatic Park was the first area to be developed and, together with the Campsite, create a complex of great autonomy, where no one will be able to find what it needs without having to leave the enclosure, from the point of view of  consumption as leisure point of view.

The Adventure Park, with sports practiced in open field and in full contact with nature, foments the conviviality with friends and acquaintances in a truly healthy way. All activities are practiced in a modern space, with safety and professionalism, so that having fun is your only concern.

In a quiet and strategically located space, the Naturwaterpark promises to delight those who visit us daily. We design packages adapted to the needs of any group. We organize school visits, family visits or simple friends, with activities for all ages and spirits. We have attractions for every day and we create a truly tailor-made program.


Source: Site Município de Vila Real