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National Theatre and Dance Museum

Is inextricably linked with the museums and the History of the Performing Arts in Portugal.

It boasts a collection of over 300.000 memorabilia. Its permanent exhibition entitled “Theatre Pieces. Museum  collections” includes exhibits from different provenances: costumes designed by artists such as Almada Negreiros or Paula Rego, or that have been used on stage performances by Amália Rodrigues, original outfits designed by Maria Keil, Bernardo Marques, Mário Cesariny or Pedro Calapez, stage models by Carlos Botelho, Jorge Barradas or José Pacheco, original portrays and sculptures of theatre figures, painted or sculpted, by Columbano, Tagarro or Soares dos Reis and many other objects and documents bearing witness to the history of Theatre and Performing Arts in Portugal.

The National Theatre Museum, officially established in 1982, and renamed National Theatre and Dance Museum in January 2015,  is located at the Palace of  Monteiro-Mor, an 18th-century building that was purchased by the State and, following a fire, was rebuilt for this purpose.

The museum was initially designed exclusively for temporary exhibitions. However, in 2003, its main building held the first permanent exhibition, “Theatre Pieces: Museum collections”. 

Its Gallery, lying across from the Reception/Shop, holds temporary exhibitions featuring all aspects of Performing Arts. 

The Museum library can be found in the main building being exclusively dedicated to performing arts.  It includes 35 000 volumes and is considered the most complete of its kind in Portugal.


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