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Nacional Palace of Mafra

This Baroque architectural complex encompasses a Royal Palace, a Basilica and a Convent.

It boasts important collections of Italian sculpture, Italian and Portuguese paintings, a unique library, two carillons, six historic organs and an 18th-century hospital. It belongs to the Network of European Royal Residences

Commissioned by King D. João V to fulfil a vote of succession, the Palace of Mafra is Portugal’s most important Baroque monument.Built from local lioz stone, it spreads along 38.000m, comprising 1.200 rooms, 4.700 doors and windows and 156 stairs. Such magnificence was only possible due to the Brazilian gold that poured into the country. The King spared no expense as he ordered sculptures and paintings from Italian and Portuguese Master Builders and two carillons with 92 bells found to be the greatest of their

time. The Palace also boasts six historic organs in the Basilica, an important 18th-century library with around 38.000 volumes and a Convent Nucleus including a period hospital. Even though it was not used as a permanent residence by the Royal Family, the Palace of Mafra was regularly visited by kings, who came to attend religious feasts or to hunt in the game reserve.

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