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Museum of the Biscainhos

The Museum of the Biscainhos is placed in a notable patrimonial set integrated with a building and a garden.

Considering the region where it is placed, the time and richness of the building and the nature of its collections, the Museum of the Biscainhos (Museu dos Biscainhos)defined as programmatic component the illustration of the life in the Portuguese noble society, in the context of a lordly house of the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The building has interiors of great artistic interest, namely, compartments with XVIII century tiles covered walls and ceilings with paintings and ornamental treatments.

It presents the public a sequence of spaces that give a taste of the occupations, tastes and traditions of our ancestors of the XVII and XVIII centuries’ nobility, where the Atrium, the Great Hall, the Deck Rooms, Oratory, Music, Game, the Dining Room, the Stables and the Old Cuisines can be visited. As mandatory complement to the visit, the baroque gardens, unfolds in a show of artistic and environmental beauty, defining the formal garden and the old orchard and vegetable garden.

Source: CM Braga