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Janeiro de Baixo

Embraced by Zêzere. Surrounded by a harmonious set of mountains, boulders and valleys, and rivers to explore.

Zêzere found here, in its course, a hard rocky obstacle that he had to get around. A windmill dug in the rock welcomes you. Up ahead we can enjoy it at the campsite or on the river beach with its long sandy beach. The central nucleus of the village, its church and chapels, feel the surroundings of the river and reassure it with more murmurs of shale that it will again receive in Álvaro and Pedrógão Pequeno. These are the complicities between Zêzere and Aldeias do Xisto.

Within the village there is a whole set of points of interest that bind us, from the religious and architectural heritage, through the recent infrastructures to welcome visitors, to the curious memory of "Tronco", a place where animals used to roam. Nearby there is the Sta. Luzia Dam.

It is the village of the five parks: playground, sports park, leisure park, river park, camping site.

The “centro.natureza” wireless network is available completely free of charge. This wireless point, co-financed by Turismo do Centro de Portugal, was created under the Valorizar program promoted by Turismo de Portugal and which aims to support investment in promoting the qualification of the “Portugal tourist destination”.

Source: Aldeias de Xisto