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Church of the Third Order of Lady of Mount Carmel

Work on the building of this church began in 1713 and it was completed in 1719.

The initial work was the responsibility of a Carmelite architect and was done in the “chão” (plain) style. After the 1755 earthquake, the church was remodelled including the rebuilding of the façade and the chancel in the late Baroque style.

The most notable pieces of ornamentation inside the church are undoubtedly the gilt carved altars. And the altarpiece in the chancel deserves special mention as it is a genuine masterpiece created by Master Manuel Martins in 1736-37, and was the first example of the “Joanine” style (first half of the 18th century) in the Algarve.

The remaining altarpieces also date from the 18th century, with the one in the chapel Capela São José (St Joseph) being a good example of Rococo woodcarving in the Algarve.

The statues on the church’s different altars, almost all of them made by the craftsmen responsible for the altars, should also not go unnoticed. Because of the quality of their craftsmanship, the statues of Santa Teresa de Ávila (altarpiece of Santa Teresa) and of São José (altarpiece of São José) also stand out.

The Baroque organ, which has recently been restored, is also interesting and can be seen in the high choir.

Finally, the Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones) deserves mention. Located in the courtyard attached to the church, it is an attraction for many tourists visiting the city.

Source: VisitAlgarve