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Aveiro Museum

Notable collections of the Museu de Aveiro with a thematic or sacred thematic.

The collection include sacred thematic of painting, sculpture, carving, tiles, jewelery, furniture and paramentaria. Most of them come from the Convento de Jesus or from other extinct convents in the city and the country and document different times, from the 15th to the 20th century, with relevance to the Baroque period.

The Aveiro Museum has been installed since 1911 in the former Convent of Jesus of the female Dominican Order. This convent, one of the oldest in Aveiro, dates back to the second half of the 15th century, founded by D. Brites Leitão and D. Mecia Pereira.

Princess D. Joana, daughter of Afonso V, entered this house in 1472 and here leads a life of sanctity, which led to her beatification in 1693. The prestige of the convent was thus definitely associated with the presence of Princess Santa Joana and her worship religious.

The Aveiro Museum presents a tour circuit with two distinct parts: the monumental route and the permanent exhibition.

The tomb of Santa Joana Princesa, the Church of Jesus, the cloister, the chapter room and the refectory stand out on the ground floor of the convent.

Worthy of note is the Church of Jesus, decorated with sumptuous gilt wood and Portuguese tiles, an example of the exuberance of Baroque decoration. The interior choir contains the tomb of Princess Joan, a masterpiece of baroque art, in multicolored marble with sculptural elements influenced by Italian taste, designed by the royal architect João Antunes.

Source: DGPC ( www.patrimoniocultural.pt )