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Aldeia das Dez

Viewpoint village. Shale can be seen from the granite.

A charming and laughing village, overlooking the Rio Alvôco. It all looks like a long viewpoint, with a privileged view of the surrounding mountains. Breathe in the fresh air, try to get to know its vast history and make sure you pass through every corner. The views from the viewpoint village conquer any visitor who appreciates the stunning landscapes of Serra da Estrela. Here, every house, every street and every square is a viewpoint.

Built predominantly in granite, Aldeia das Dez has an impressive built heritage, with emphasis on the Igreja Matriz, whose interior is decorated with sumptuous gilt wood.

Many carvers and gilders lived in the village, which benefited the village with their works. The gilded woodwork of the Igreja Matriz is an example of this, along with sculptures and paintings that embellish the interior of the building. But the charms of the village go beyond that: they are also found in people and in the landscape.

Those who cannot resist a good sweet can also find traditional cakes of the village, the coscoréis and cavacas made in the style of Aldeia das Dez. Enjoy and also taste a jam or a medronho liqueur, whose fruit is abundant in the area.

Source: Aldeias de Xisto