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Aigra Velha

A top village. Here everything is simple, done according to the pattern of nature that surrounds us.

Aigra Velha is the Schist Village which is at the highest altitude (770m). It is close to the summits of Serra da Lousã, but it is easily accessible. It is a small cluster, but with wide horizons. The landscape surrounding the village makes all the difference. At Aldeia everything is simple and done according to the nature pattern that surrounds us.

Set in a mountaintop, Aigra Velha is surrounded by some agricultural land and a vast area for grazing. If, on the one hand, you have a view of Serra da Estrela, this one overlooks the colossal Penedos de Góis.

The set of buildings were organized in a defensive arrangement against weather conditions, intruders and wild animals such as wolves, allowing communication and circulation between different spaces, but maintaining the privacy of each family.

In the village you can hear the old stories of caravans of traders who wandered in the mountains and stopped to spend the night. During the night there were wolves, which led the inhabitants to cut the only street in the village and make internal connections between the houses. So these shale walls, surrounded by green pastures, are the shelter before setting out to discover the Parque Florestal da Oighth and Ribeira da Pena. This function today is unnecessary because the village is almost uninhabited.


Source: Aldeias de Xisto