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Água Formosa

Beautiful village. A source of pure water right in the center of Portugal.

10 km from the Centro Geodésico de Portugal, the village of Água Formosa is hidden between Ribeira da Corga and Ribeira da Galega, on a sunny slope. Upon arrival, you will receive peace and quiet, interspersed with the sound of water between the stones of the river beds.

Evidence of ancient traditions can still be found here, such as the various wood ovens scattered throughout the village; but also evidence of traditions linked to the use of water, in a natural setting that highlights the best of the relationship between Man and Nature. Or do not derive the name of the village from here if you find a beautiful water source.

In Água Formosa, the slopes of the slopes are steep and the rocky outcrops a constant. The houses are mostly located on the left bank of the river, taking advantage of its sunny exposure.


In this village we are captivated by the sincere sympathy of the inhabitants, by the cobbled path that leads to the source of pure water, an antidote to the heat that also quenches the thirst for rest. Also try to cross the pedestrian bridge over the river to appreciate another perspective of the village.

With the requalification of the village, new inhabitants emerged: out of four in 2002, the village currently has nine permanent inhabitants. A housing unit has emerged in one of the last few years. One by one the remaining houses are being recovered. On weekends, temporary residents arrive, leaving with an eagerness to return soon. There are new vegetable gardens around the whole village and fruit trees. The village revives.

Source: Aldeias de Xisto